2015 Chardonnay

2015 Chardonnay

$ 16.00


Our 2015 Chardonnay is a sleek and elegant style that favors balance over bombast. The seamlessly smooth texture is both rich and restrained. The aromatics are subtle yet sophisticated. While not overtly fruity, they are enticing and exotic. Asian pear, white peach, faint citrus blossom, lemon grass and coriander all contribute to high-note aromas accentuated by subtle notes of barrel fermentation; vanilla custard, clove and freshly baked bread.

The tightly wound nature of this wine emphasizes its aging potential, yet its great texture provides for pleasurable near-term enjoyment.

Average brix at harvest: 23.2

Analysis at bottling: 3.27 pH, 6.45 g/L TA, 14.3% alcohol

992 cases bottled 6/14/2016



Foris has been producing Chardonnay in the Illinois Valley for over twenty five years. During that time, we have learned much about what works best in our unique alpine climate as far as clonal selection, viticulture and vinification techniques.

Chardonnay offers winemakers a wide range of stylistic options and is very reflective of the winemaker’s influence, so we have put a lot of thought and experimentation into developing a style that mirrors the natural environment of our vineyards. We have found the increased texture, body and flavor that barrel fermentation gives very pleasing characteristics. However, we have never been fond of overtly oaky wines so we avoid new barrels altogether and instead use 10% once filled French oak barrels each year. This level brings just a touch of vanilla and toasty characteristics into the wine without obscuring the purity of our alpine fruit. The next important choice involves malo-lactic fermentation, specifically whether to allow it or not. We prefer the crisp feel and bright fruit that we get by preventing this secondary fermentation. We also avoid the buttery aromas and flavors that are a by-product of malo-lactic fermentation, again, keeping the focus on purity of fruit attributes. Keeping the wine on its yeast lees while aging adds textural and aromatic richness and complexity while also enhancing freshness and longevity.