2018 Moscato

2018 Moscato

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Wildly aromatic with an abundance of white peach, Asian pear, citrus blossom and a honeysuckle floral kick! The intense aromas foretell an explosion of flavor punctuated by a delicate effervescence. Sweet and delicious, the naturally low alcohol, crisp acidity and light carbonation create a very light and refreshing sensation. While many might think of this as a dessert wine, it’s perfect as an aperitif with fresh fruit or great as a brunch or celebration wine with its low alcohol.


The Muscat family of grapes may very well be the oldest cultivated varieties known to man, yet every time we pour this wine for our guests we get reactions of delight and surprise. “Wow! I’ve never had a wine like that” is one of the most commonly overheard comments.


Foris Vineyards has been cultivating a specific selection known as Early Muscat since 1976 and it has shown itself to be right at home in our alpine valley. Over the last several decades, we have made this ancient variety in a number of different styles, from dry to off-dry, all the way to late harvest and even a fortified dessert version, but it wasn’t until our current winemaker, Bryan Wilson, arrived in 2007 and showed us his unique take on Muscat did we have our “Eureka!” moment. Unabashedly inspired by the frothy Moscato’s of Italy’s Peidmont region, this wine strikes such a playful note that a smile is near impossible to repress. We have arrested the fermentation process at just about the halfway point, preserving part of the original sweetness of the grapes and capturing some of the carbonation produced during fermentation.